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Car/Bike Instant Glow Kit

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A Kit of 7 Units : 3 pcs Microfiber Cloth, 1 Pc masking Tape, 1Pc All in one polish(330 ml), 1Pc Rubbing Compound(200gm), 1Pc Car Shampoo(250 ml)

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This kit involves 3 steps :
1. Washing
2. Buffing
3. Polishing
Washing helps remove dirt particles and other residues on the car’s surface.
Buffing fills minor scratches and creates a layer for the polish to hold on to, which helps in maintaining the shine for a longer duration, next time you can just use a dry cloth to remove dry dirt and your car will be shining again.
Polishing after buffing, the surface is ready for polish, apply the polish and see sparkling results.
The kit consists of 7 Units including 3 pcs Microfiber Cloth, 1 Pc masking Tape, 1Pc All in one polish(330 ml), 1Pc Rubbing Compound(200gm), 1Pc Car Shampoo(250 ml).
How to use :
Please refer the link to the video which elaborately describes each step: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JTXdpQWvaE
1. Wipe off the dry dust using a clean and dry microfiber cloth from the surface being worked on.
2. Carefully apply masking tape on areas like headlights, plastic and chrome fittings.
3. Pour 30-35ml of shampoo in 8-10 liters of water and create foam by dunking the microfiber cloth in the water and shampoo solution.
4. Wash the car using the created shampoo solution.
5. After step 4 is complete, wash the car using clean water and let the car dry for a few minutes.
6. Take a fresh and clean microfiber cloth and wipe off any remaining water residue.
7. Evenly apply the 2K rubbing compound all over the washed surface.
8. Using the microfiber cloth spread/lightly rub the compound in the circular motion on the washed surface. Now the surface is ready for polish.
9. Spray all in one polish on the work surface, now using the microfiber cloth buff the polish in circular motion and see sparkling results.
refer the following video link that shows the exact process

Repeat the above process for each exterior surface of the car and see your car sparkle.

Car Wash kit, car glow kit, care kit, car polish combo.

3 reviews for Car/Bike Instant Glow Kit

  1. aditya vimani

    car exterior shines, bang for buck

  2. Avinash Setty

    Bang for buck! Works just as well as 3M or Meguiars! No complaints,price was a bonus!

  3. Rejil Sai C M


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