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Car Shampoo Tablet (5pcs)

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  • Now go hassle-free with CarSaaz’s shampoo tablets.
  • One tablet creates just the right quantity of solution and foam foam a wash.
  • Saving your time creating the right mix.
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1.Avoid washing your vehicle in direct sunlight or when the vehicle is hot, as it causes shampoo to dry quickly.
2.Wash the vehicle with clean water to moisten the surface and to removes excess dirt.
3.Take one tablet from the pack and drop it into a bucket with 7-10 liters of warm/room temperature water and allow the tablet to dissolve completely.
4.Rinse the solution to create foam.
5.Now dip the sponge or a cloth into the shampoo solution and wash the vehicle.
6.After the vehicle is washed with the shampoo solution rinse it with water to avoid the drying of the shampoo on the surface.
7.Dry the surface with a damp chamois or soft dry cloth.

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  1. nishant

    Achha hai gaadi saaf bhi hua aur shine bhi

  2. chandru moorthy

    You practice good very nice very yous full bat others practice not satisfied bat good practice very nice super g

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